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We offer an extensive array of laser cutting services, catering to mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum materials. Utilizing state-of-the-art nesting software.

LF3015GAR Fibre Laser Cutting Machine 

AgBoss has recently introduced the customized AgBoss-3015 Fibre Laser Cutting Machine, designed to deliver an extensive range of capabilities for steel fabricators and metal fabricators alike. Our team is dedicated to providing effective solutions to meet diverse customer requirements.


Investing in this cutting-edge technology allows us to offer automated processing with the versatility to accurately cut standard steels, non-ferrous materials, and even stainless steel handrails in various thicknesses. The AgBoss-3015 Fibre Laser Cutting Machine combines high machine dynamics, user-friendly operation, and advanced automation options, ensuring maximum productivity for any application.


As a specialized provider catering to various industry sectors, including stainless steel fabrication near me, our skilled staff utilize state-of-the-art CNC laser and folding technology to guarantee we meet and exceed our clients' expectations. Our expertise in project engineering and advanced laser cutting techniques ensures the highest quality outcomes for every project.


Whether you're looking for plasma cutting services or searching for stainless steel fabricators near me, AgBoss is your go-to solution. Our AgBoss-3015 Fibre Laser Cutting Machine is designed to provide unparalleled precision and efficiency, making us the ideal choice for clients seeking high-quality, reliable steel fabrications.


Choose AgBoss for your next fabrication project and experience the difference that our cutting-edge AgBoss-3015 Fibre Laser Cutting Machine and dedicated team of professionals can make. Trust in our expertise as we deliver outstanding results tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you receive the highest quality finished product for your project.

Laser Cutter

  • Flat Bed

  • 1500mm x 3000mm bed (x2)

  • Sheet /Plate
    - up to 20mm Mild Steel
    - up to 10mm Stainless Steel
    - up to 10mm Aluminium Steel
    - up to 3mm Galvanised
    - up to 2mm Zinc
    - up to 8mm Brass
    - up to 4mm Copper

Laser cutting at agboss
  • Fiber Laser /Cutting Machine

  • Laser source: IPG 3000W YLR

  • Working platform load 1000kg

  • Maximum load of chuck 200kg

  • Control system: Cypcu

LF3015gar laser cutting machine at agboss
Tube cutting at agboss

Tube Cutter

  • Up to 8m lengths,
    200mm x 200mm max

  • CHS, SHS, RHS, I-Beam,
    C-Channel, Angle, Flat Bar
    - up to 20mm Mild Steel
    - up to 10mm Stainless Steel
    - up to 10mm Aluminium Steel
    - up to 8mm Brass
    - up to 4mm Copper

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