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hot melt plastic welding machine


AgBoss's hot-plate plastic welding technology creates consistent high-pressure hermetic seals for a wide range of applications. 

Hot Plate Welding is a thermal welding technique capable of producing strong, air-tight welds in thermoplastic parts. When using thermal energy in a tightly controlled manner, thermoplastic parts can be heated to molten temperatures very quickly and then joined together.

Hot plate welding is used for a variety of applications including tanks, automotive lamps, plastic pipes etc.

The process is tailored to suit each project by manufacturing custom molds to accurately hold the components in position. 
To start the process the components are loaded into the mold, a hot point moves between the two parts before they move onto the hot plate. The melt time elapses and the parts move apart with the hot plate moving away. The two melted parts are then brought together and as they cool down the plastic welds together. Once cool the welded components are removed from the mold.

The Process


Two components are brought into contact with a heated tool. The heat conducts into melt ribs causing them to soften. Also called the 'Heat Phase'.


The components are removed from the heated tool and it is retracted out of the way. Also called the 'Changeover Phase'.


The components are brought together and a hold pressure is applied until the weld cools. Also called the ‘Weld Phase’.

KLC - 5060
hot melt welding klc machine
  • Working area: 500 x 600

  • Productivity: 2-5pcs/minute

  • High stretch, hermetic welding effect

  • Watertight and airtight welding

plastic melted containers
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